PAX Aus is coming to Australia in July


PAX Aus is in Melbourne in July. Why do these things always seem to be in Melbourne? Doesn’t everyone know Sydney is the cool city? Apparently not.

PAX is a show exclusively for gaming. It may well be the THE show for gaming. The fact it’s coming to Australia is big news in the gaming world and it looks set to be amazing: from panels to the chance to play games to seeing what’s new and shiny to just soaking in the atmosphere. It looks like PAX Aus will have all the features we’re come to read about with increasing jealousy when watching PAX in the USA. Nicely, the show will also highlight the best of the Australian and New Zealand indie game scene.

Registration is $50 for a day or $125 for a three-day pass which is surprisingly good value. Full details are at:

While I truly am envious that Melbourne is hosting PAX, I’m happy that it’s coming to Australia. I had to laugh at these two lines from the FAQ:

Why is PAX going to Australia and not (insert country here)?

Because (insert your country here) doesn’t have (insert thing your country doesn’t have). That’s not to say PAX won’t get to (insert your country here) eventually, but only if (insert frustratingly vague insert text here).

Isn’t it hard to get games in Australia because they’re so expensive/they don’t get released?

Absolutely. Please bring over any spare games you have and give generously to the locals.

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