The NBN plans compared

howfastnbnJust how fast are the competing NBN plans? It can be hard to cut through the rhetoric in any meaningful fashion, or even just avoid being reduced to a state of bemused boredom.

A Brisbane man, who is not a former Prime Minister, has put together a lovely infographic showing in stark relief the difference between the Labor and Liberal NBN plans. I can’t guarantee the maths behind it, because the site doesn’t explain it, but on its face it looks right.

I continue to be completely bemused that the Liberals thought this plan was a good, or even salable, idea. You can’t espouse the benefits of being a leading, competitive, educated first-world country and then put in place a network which looks old today let alone in 20 years time (but then again successive NSW governments have done that with public transport, so maybe you can).

Of course, this doesn’t address the overall cost of the project, nor does it shed any light on issues such as how a Liberal Government would break free of the existing contracts to change direction. It simply addresses speed and future-proofing – and it does so very prettily.

How Fast is the NBN is at:

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