Sydney Brick Show is inspiring

Loveboat at Sydney Brick ShowIt never fails to amaze me how much can be created with LEGO. The creativity and loving attention to detail on display at the Sydney Brick Show is truly inspiring. In particular the enormous heavy-lifting helicopter and the Loveboat models were of a size and accuracy to be something to be proud of in any medium, let alone one with the blocky limitations of LEGO.

While the creativity was inspiring, there didn’t seem to be quite as many inspired creations as last year. There were more predictable Star Wars and Harry Potter themed builds. I’ve nothing against them, but I really loved some of the more original and whimsical ideas at last year’s show.

LEGO helicopter at Sydney Brick ShowOne of the dangers of taking your kids to any LEGO show is that they are desperate to touch and play. And some parents were distressingly happy for their kids to touch things that had taken hundreds of hours to put together. For most kids though the huge mosh pit filled with thousands of LEGO blocks was enough to keep their creative juices flowing for a while. And if that failed there was always the David Jones toy shop to fall back on – I’m still not sure if putting the show on in a department store is a good idea or a bad idea in an overall sense, but I do still feel the Powerhouse was a more appropriate venue.

Anyway the show is on until the 28th although,  tickets are only available for limited afternoon sessions. Adults are $10 and children are $6; a family of four is $26 and I reckon it’s w0rth a visit at that price as long as you can resist the pester-power of the toyshop. For more information see (although as I write this, that site is down) or buy tickets through Eventix.

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