A good local LEGO NXT site

rjmcnamaraA great LEGO NXT robotics site from Tasmania. Whatever next?

RJ McNamara.com is full of interesting robotics projects and reviews of some very cool-looking add-ons. For example, I had no idea there was a Wi-Fi-enabled webserver available as an add-on. McNamara’s reviews are very hands-on and practical and he has some excellent instructions on how the various items can be used. He has also built some great models which really demonstrate that in the hands of a talented person over the age of 12 the LEGO robotics kit is capable of some very sophisticated things.

The site is a treasure trove of interesting and useful information about LEGO robotics. A glaring omission is failing to mention the wonderful Enchanting, but that could be because the site is aimed at adults. The other glaring thing is that the site’s logo is missing a letter ‘a’ – and if I was a worse person that would be my opportunity to make a joke about Tasmania…

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