Second generation Ninja Blocks selling now

ninja2Ninja Blocks have been updated to a second generation. This one runs more smoothly than the original beta, or perhaps alpha, given to Kickstarter backers and comes in a shiny new case.

I’ve tried out the internals and they seem to work. I’ve only seen the case from a distance, but it looks a lot more professional than the obviously 3D-printed first generation. There have been a couple of obvious changes including separating the LEDs out so they now form eyes on the ninja. That’s both cosmetic and very practical. The Ninja team have also been busily updating the Rules Engine with some much-needed rules including toggle and delay.

As I’ve been in the middle of moving house I haven’t had a chance to really dig into this new version. I’ll be doing so over the next few weeks and writing up a full review.

In the meantime, there are currently 260 of the limited run of 1000 of these new $199 blocks remaining. No indication they’ll be shipped in time for Christmas though.

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