Real-time public transport data – Finally


Finally we can track whether a bus is on time in real-time. This is going to make an absolutely enormous difference to using public transport in Sydney.

The rather fabulous TripView app has been updated to include real-time information on whether a bus is running ahead or behind schedule.

TripView version 3.6 has added real-time data for Sydney buses. Times on the main screen now show real-time values where available, along with a coloured indicator (green for on-time, red for late, and blue for early). The original scheduled time is shown below in a smaller font. They have also added a new bus tracker screen. For trips that have real-time data, you can tap on the bus tracker icon in the top right corner of the times screen. This will take you to a map showing the location of all buses related to your trip. On a quick look it all seems to work as advertised.

It’s been a long road getting NSW Transport to release the data, but now a number of apps are starting to come through with real-time features. It is amusing that the Government’s own 131500 site doesn’t include the feature.

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