Lego Colosseum at Sydney Uni

Sydney University has got its very own, mini-fig-scale model of the Colosseum created by our very own Ryan McNaught.

Half of the model shows the Colosseum as it was when it was built, the other half is as it is today (I hope that’s easier to read than it was to write). Really this is a model that is a thing of beauty. The detail is extraordinary and the thought that has gone into it is a reflection of the little hidden diamond of a museum that is Sydney Uni’s Nicholson Museum, probably the most under-rated museum in Sydney.

There’s something about using LEGO that may not be one hundred percent accurate but is certainly accessible. I think the fact that anyone, assuming an overwhelming level of skill, could in theory build this makes it seem somehow more real. Certainly, it grabbed my kids attention instantly and they spent far more time looking at it than they would have if I’d said “Oh look, someone has made a perfect model of the Colosseum.”

See more photos on Ryan McNaught’s Flikr page and Freelegos.

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