How many LEGO bricks would it take to build your house?

You might remember James May having built a house completely out of LEGO bricks a few years ago. If you do, you’ve probably lost a great deal of sleep since then wondering how many bricks it would take to build your own house. Well your insomniac maths concerns are over, someone has created a nifty calculator that provides an answer.

As the calculator was created in that home of the old way of counting, the USA, we’ll have to add in a little step along the way. For these purposes just take the number of square metres in your house and multiply by ten (it should be 10.7 but, hey, we’re ending up with LEGO bricks here). By the way, the average house size in Australia is about 230 m2.

Take that number and plug it into the LEGO bricks in your house calculator. Of course the cost calculation will be wrong because LEGO costs more here in Australia.
Lego My House by Movoto

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