Even Tony Abbott had a Minister for Science

We still don’t have a Minister for Science and that’s still a terribly bad thing in a country, and in a government, that runs around bloviating about being clever and innovative. A petition to have a Minister for Science has only a few over 400 signatures – which given the thousands who marched for science last year is a pretty sad turnout.

Part of the reason for the low response to the petition may be that it smacks of politics. But on the other hand it’s the only place making the push and on that basis alone should be getting more support. The reasoning is self-evident:

For only the second time since 1931, Australia doesn’t have a Minister for Science.

From Trump in the US to Turnbull at home, science is under attack. The demotion of science from the Ministry reflects this government’s dismissive attitude to the value and the role of science in public life and public policy.

The sentiment is dead right. So let’s get more signatures on the petition.

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