Help hack through traffic congestion

CongestionHack is an open data hackathon by Transport NSW being held in March 2018.

CongestionHack will bring together industry, innovators, entrepreneurs, students and TfNSW staff to pitch ideas and build proof of concepts for dramatically improving congestion in and around Sydney. While congestion is certainly not the only problem Sydney faces it is one of the most obvious to people on a daily basis.

CongestionHack iwill be held from Friday 23rd March to Sunday 25th March 2018 at The Hatchery at UTS. Individuals from the public and Transport for NSW will have the opportunity to form teams and work on an idea to manage road congestion. “You will have the weekend to develop a proof of concept that addresses the congestion challenges facing Sydney and present your idea as a pitch at the conclusion of the Hackathon.”

Challenges include showing the real cost of driving vs other modes of transport, how to move people to alternative routes, understanding weekend traffic, and more.

So get together in a team of 3-6 people and get congestion hacking.

Full details are on the website.

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