Rational Treasure – Sydney Uni science review

Ah what could be better than dollops of irony, music, and wit from a group of dedicated students? Where would I find such a thing about science? Or as the creators of Rational Treasure put it…

Wait, what’s that? The call to adventure?

In a world without science, the secrets of rational thought have been hidden away inside mysterious ruins guarded by an ominously glowing conical flask. It’s probably fine though.

Beware, adventurers, for once you step inside you will be witness to awe-inspiring music, jaw-dropping dances, and rare and elusive sketch comedy. You will exit a different person, IF YOU EXIT AT ALL.

So this September, light those torches, brush up on your riddles, and get ready to steal the Declaration of Indepe – uh, discover the world’s most Rational Treasure.

WHEN: 7pm Thursday 7th | Friday 8th | Saturday 9th September
WHERE: York Theatre, Seymour Centre, Chippendale
TICKETS: www.seymourcentre.com/events/event/rational-treasure/
$16 ACCESS | $20 Concession | $25 General Admission

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