STARportal for finding STEM activities

The STARportal is a centralised database of STEM activities around Australia.

The STARportal is Australia’s first centralised national portal for exciting and engaging STEM activities from around the country. This searchable database connects parents, students and teachers with their local and online STEM activities in real time.

While the name makes little-to-no sense (err… STEMportal?) the site itself does have an easily searchable interface to a nice range of STEM activities. A quick search brought up things I hadn’t heard of before – which I would rate a success. Although the portal is aimed at everyone, there does seem to be a focus on teachers and schools.

The real measure of success of STARportal will lie in it getting a deep listing of available activities up there. What’s there now is a great start and the portal has real potential as a core resource for STEM teaching and learning.

Have a look at:

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