The student winners of NSW iAwards

There are some very talented young people preparing to represent NSW at the National iAwards. Here are the three student projects that topped the NSW iAwards. It’s really worth taking a couple of minutes to have a look at what they’ve done.

Senior Student Winner: Please Fix; Callum Predavec; Mosman High School

“Please Fix allows people to easily report problems to local councils. This ensures that problems in local council areas are quickly and easily resolved. It also gets people more involved in their community and helps foster a sense of participation in local affairs. Finally by publicly mapping problems it allows councils, and residents, to monitor their speed and efficiency at resolving problems.”

Please fix is available on the web or on the App Store or Google Play.

See the Please Fix website.


Junior Student Winner: Reading Republic;  Sophia, Clare, Isobel, Sabrina and Angelica; Code Rangers

“Reading Republic encourages kids to read in a child friendly environment where you can read and write book reviews. It’s an android app and website that gets kids to review books, take quizzes about the books they’ve read and collect coins that unlock mini games. The reviews allow kids to get a better understanding of what the book is about and the level of reading difficulty. Reviews can be read, listened to, or even watched, catering for all levels of students. Other reading apps are too expensive and don’t allow kids to interact and share their thoughts about the books they are reading. Reading Republic is designed for kids by kids. Reading Republic is utilising technology to assist with the development of kid’s literacy skills and it’s a great example of new technology supporting older forms of entertainment like reading.”

See the Reading Republic website.


Junior Student Merit Award: Table Talks; Declan Predavec; Mosman High School

“Table Talks is a unique solution to a huge problem. People’s hearing gets worse as they get older, that’s a fact. However, most of those people still want to participate in normal conversation – and that’s where Table Talks comes in. Table Talks listens to a conversation, and displays what is being said to those who can’t normally hear it. The idea for Table Talks came from dinner-table conversations with my grandparents. Even though they have hearing aids they can’t always make out what is being said and so they feel left out. By having the conversation displayed for them on their tablet they know what’s going on and can participate fully. Table Talks is a versatile and effective tool that can be used on PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets.”

See the Table Talks website.

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