Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is open for business

The Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is back for 2017. This is one of the cooler activities for coding children and teens so it’s good to see it back.

There appear to have been some changes for 2017. There’s a shiny new website and there’s a theme for the year – which is ‘reaction’.  I like the idea of having a theme as it might do more to keep the games aligned for judging.

I was, I have to say, deeply unimpressed with the administration and judging of the game last year – both seemed to push towards de-motivating the students involved with poor guidance and a preference for cookie-cutter builds using off-the-shelf assets. I’m hoping that the signs are good for a return to better days for the Challenge; the guideline documentation certainly seems clearer on a quick look.

Teams have from 1 May to 26 August to produce a game. All of the shiny rules and documentation are available on the website.

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