Code in the City or Park as part of VIVID

VIVID has become one of the highlights of the Sydney year with ever more cool stuff jammed into chilly Winter evenings. There’s so much greatness it’s hard to know where to start.

One of those cool things this year is a coding event.

“Presented as part of VIVID Ideas, Code in the Park is about inspiring everyone to learn the basics of coding, to acquire a new digital skill for the future of work, innovation and education – to transform thinkers into creators.

We’ll teach you how to start and you’ll discover all the creative and entrepreneurial things you can do with code at an afternoon full of inspirational panels, talks, interactive demos and a coding lesson for beginners from Australia’s leaders in tech, creativity and innovation.

A series of inspired Code Clinics for budding entrepreneurs looking to bring their creative vision or business ideas to life will also be run by a team of entrepreneurial experts.

No matter what background or level of knowledge you have, from young and old, those just starting out in their careers to CEO’s – this event this is for everyone, join us and support diversity in tech!”

The advertising can’t seem to decide if the event is called Code in the City or Code in the Park, but that doesn’t really matter. Either way it’s a good idea.

Tickets are free but registration is required.

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