The Magic is gathering in Sydney

Magic: The Gathering is a phenomenon. It’s a tradable card game where players collect cards and assemble decks filled with all manner of fantastical spells. They then assume the role of powerful planeswalkers and duel one another in a strategic battle of wits. It’s like cards, and chess, and a fantasy novel all rolled up in one package that is played by 20 million people around the World.

This Easter, 3.5 million spells will be cast as more than 100 tabletop stores across NSW and Australia will open their doors to mages of all ages as part of Magic Open House on April 15, the biggest single-day session of Magic: The Gathering.

As part of the first ever Magic Open House, players young and old are invited into their local tabletop game stores to receive a free deck of Magic cards on Saturday April 15. More than 140,000 free cards will be given out as part of Magic Open House across Australia and New Zealand.

If you’re interested in finding a participating store you can either try this link at the Wizards store locator or just use Google like this.

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