Virtual reality to hit Sydney cinema screens

The Convergence Film Festival is coming in May; combining CinematicVR with big screen entertainment.

The festival has been developed in conjunction with the internationally renowned Byron Bay Film Festival and takes place in the heart of the Sydney CBD at the Event Cinemas complex on George Street. The festival will present a mixture of the latest in VR as well as more traditional on-screen content – short films, animations, cuts from game story lines, VFX and documentaries on emerging technology.

“With different sessions focused on Sports VR, gaming and immersive play. Kids & Families (10 years and up) VR experiences, games and animation. Movies & Trailers with VR content, games, animations, VFX and Short Films with tech narratives or VR content. And what’s next in Technology covering the Convergence of VR, AR, robotics, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, drones, artificial intelligence (AI), automotive (self driving) and plenty of other “science fact” (previously science fiction) to get even the most non-geeky person excited about the very near future.”

There will also be over 40 virtual reality systems from around the world on display as the Festival is part of a larger VR conference and exhibition.

For the virtual and not-so-virtual details see the website.

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