More goodness from Grok – teach coding with monsters

Grok Learning has got yet more good stuff happening in the coding for kids space.

Younger kids can follow a course for students in grades 2-4. Designed to cover the primary DT curriculum outcome of ordering, kids will learn computational thinking by building monsters with easy-to-use visual blocks. It’s a little bit Scratch like but in a more tightly structured environment.

Grok remains one of the best teaching resources for learning coding, not least because it’s one of the very few designed for the Australian environment. It’s great to see them adding in more resources. And this is a cute idea.

Their web design competition is about to kick off too. Web.Comp starts on February 27th and runs for five weeks. Like all of the Grok competitions it is as much, if not more, about learning than competing. Web.Comp teaches you HTML and CSS; by the end of the competition, students will be able to design their own web page and put it on the internet. No previous coding experience required.

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