Sydney hosts biggest gaming event

Australia’s biggest ever gaming event is coming to Sydney!

The EB Games Expo runs from October 5-7 at Sydney Olympic Park. Information on who will be exhibiting is a little light at this stage, well more accurately, there is none. But the promise is that the biggest brands will be there on the Exhibition floor.

The Exhibition floor will be the heart of all the action, and the epicentre of the entire event. Featuring the game industry’s largest and most prolific publishers and brands, the EB Games Exhibition is open for each session’s total duration. With dark lighting, atmospheric DJ’s, and a huge display of the biggest upcoming titles in gaming in Australia, the EB Games Exhibition will definitely be the place to be.

As the Expo was held last year on the Gold Coast there’s enough history to be confident the organisers have some idea of what they are talking about and what they can reasonably expect. So the show should be big.

Tickets went on sale yesterday and the Ultimate Gamer Pass has already sold out. The other ticket categories remain available.

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