FameLab science comms competition – be on stage or in the audience

You have three minutes to explain a scientific concept to a general audience – that’s the FameLab competition. Perhaps even better, you can be the part of that general audience at one of the free FameLab events in the coming months.

Famelab aims to find, develop and mentor young science and engineering communicators. The result is a celebrated alumni of young scientists and engineers able to get everyone ‘talking science’ in the media-intensive environment in which we live. In 2014, the very first Australian FameLab competition “attracted a diverse and vibrant range of early-career researchers, who took the FameLab stage to battle it out to become the Australian FameLab national winner”. In 2017, the search resumes.

There’s a bunch of details, but basically the competition is open to citizens or permanent residents of Australia who are pursuing studies or working in a scientific field. Entrants may be: graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or early-career researchers who have received MSc or PhD degrees within the last five years.

To be in the audience at one of the events you need to find out that the event is on by watching this page – which currently says nothing. We here at GiS will try to keep a weather eye on the page and do our own bit for science communication by announcing when something is set up – because watching our best talk entertaining science for three minutes sounds like a great way to spend an evening.

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