NSI Game Jam just round the corner

The NSI Global Game Jam is an event that brings together developers and artists from across the entire game community in Sydney. Participants arrive on Friday evening where they meet with each other, share some food and drink and are introduced to the theme of the jam. From there the race is on to produce a game based around the theme by Sunday evening with a team of your choosing.

The Game Jam is a great concept and the NSI Jam is just one of many taking place all around the World on the same weekend. It’s a great chance to meet people from the community, collaborate, and just have some game-making fun. You can go as a team, or team up with people at the event.

It all starts at 5pm on Friday 20th January and runs through to 5:30pm on Sunday in St Leonards. The $63 entry fee gets you food, a shower, a place to sleep, and a t-shirt.

For all the details see the website.

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