Finding geek events in Australia

There’s no mystery behind the website Geek Events Australia. It does one thing, which is provide an events guide to geeky goings-on around the country.

I like their description of what ‘geek’ means: “The word “geek” is a malleable term that encompasses a variety of interests including (but certainly not limited to) films, comics, animation, costuming, cosplay, books, technology, video games, role playing games, larp, music, art, science fiction, steampunk, cyberpunk, furries, anime, writing, robotics and programming. To paraphrase The Matrix: no one needs to tell you’re a geek – you just know it, through and through.”

That seems to cover much of what is good in the World. The list of events is wide-ranging, easily searchable, and you can sign up for a mailing list based on your location.

The site has been running since August 2016 when two existing sites, one of which was the long-running Canned Geeks,  ‘merged like Voltron’.

If you do ‘just know it, through and through’ you should have Geek Events Australia bookmarked.

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