Aran Blocks, IKEA and LEGO’s love child, is now on Kickstarter

aran-blocksLocal Sydney invention Aran Blocks is now on Kickstarter. Aran Blocks is a nifty idea that allows you to build sturdy things without glue or reinforcement: It is, as described by the inventor, “what you would get if LEGO and IKEA had a baby”.

The Aran Blocks building system consists of only two unique shapes. The block and the cover. The block form the backbone of the system; each block can fit snugly onto all six sides of another block. The cover piece gives the top of the block a flat surface and also serves to provide additional stability for structures made from the blocks.

The size and shape of the structures can be easily modified by either adding or removing blocks, making them infinitely customisable and perfect for the odd corners at home. The blocks also have a hollow core to run small cables through, such as headphones, charging cables or USB connectors.

All of that means that as a child or adult you can make actually functional objects. It is a very neat idea.

The blocks are made of ABS and come in a variety of colours. Pricing is a bit complex and not entirely cheap – which makes getting in on Kickstarter an excellent idea because there are big discounts available.

There are exhaustive details about Aran Blocks on Kickstarter. As I write the project is already about one-third funded after only a couple of days

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