Geeky events in Sydney coming right up

operation-ouchThere’s a lot of geeky stuff coming up in Sydney over the next few weeks and months. Here are some of the highlights that have weaved their electronic magic on my inbox recently:

Nerd Nite is “Exposing Sperm, Polymorphism, and Virtual Reality” on Tuesday 18 October in Glebe – tickets and details are hereNerd Nite is a monthly event with three quirky, entertaining, and deeply nerdy mini-presentations: It’s like TED talks with beer.

The NSW Pearcey Awards are on at Parliament House on 18 October: “Each year, the NSW Pearcey committee recognises outstanding entrepreneurs and students (primary, secondary and tertiary) who are doing amazing things in NSW!” It’s always a great way to see some of the brightest innovators being recognised. Details here.

New Scientist’s Instant Expert series on the quantum world is on Saturday 22 October: “a mind-expanding one-day masterclass that will take you on a journey through the intriguing and often bizarre quantum world.” All the details here.

The Australian Museum is launching Spiders – Alive and Deadly on October 29.  “Overcome your fears and get closer to over 400 real spider specimens including live tarantulas, giant water spiders and deadly funnel-webs. See real Museum scientists milking spiders at the Venom Lab, and experience creepy crawly full-body Augmented Reality at this interactive family exhibition!” All the crawly details are here.

The ABC3 hit children’s television series, Operation Ouch! is coming to Australia in January 2017. “Packed with incredible stunts, crazy experiments and amazing facts, the doctors will explore the fascinating world of biology and show you the incredible things your body can do!” Details and tickets are here.

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