Zoohackathon takes aim at illegal wildlife trade

zoohackathonZookackathon is a computer coding and technology intensive event that brings together developers, designers, project managers, and subject matter experts to create applications, systems, and tools to help reduce demand for trafficked wildlife products. Taronga Zoo is hosting the Australian arm of this worldwide event.

This is a fabulous idea – have some fun in a hackathon while helping come up with solutions for a very real current problem.

The Australian section of the general website is sparse, but here’s what it’s all about according to the organisers:

Calling all animal lovers – we are looking for coders, creatives and subject matter experts to join Zoohackathon and help develop solutions to tackle one of the greatest threats facing wildlife today.

The world is dealing with an unprecedented spike in illegal wildlife trade. It is the greatest direct threat to the future of many of the world’s most iconic species including rhinos, elephants, tigers, pangolins and sadly many more.

Announced on World Wildlife Day 2016, the Zoohackathon is a U.S. Department of State initiative and will bring together coders from across the world to tackle this challenge, creating apps and communications to raise awareness, change attitudes, support law enforcement, increase collaboration and help consumers to make informed choice.

For more information see www.zoohackathon.com

7-9 October 2016

Zoohackathon kicks off on Friday evening with an opening presentation, an introduction to the data and challenges, and networking! Teams work hard well into the night on Saturday and most of Sunday. It all finishes up on Sunday evening, with teams pitching their ideas to a panel of judges for prizes!

Zoohackathon will be held on-site at Taronga Zoo, with behind the scenes access to the Zoo.

What is a ‘hackathon’?
Join computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, to collaborate intensively on software projects and demonstrate your results to a panel for judging. This is an opportunity to put your skills to work to drive change and join a global community of wildlife warriors.

What to expect
Use your skills and critical thinking to create usable software as you respond to one of a series of challenge statements authored by world leading experts and organisations at the cutting edge of tackling the illegal wildlife trade.

You’ll be joined by subject matter experts who will support you in grappling with the statements and the data.

To register you’ll need to hit the link that can be found here.

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