Neuroscience in a pub – just think about it

You know something scientific is going mainstream when it becomes so commonplace that it can be done for fun. Example? Let me introduce you to Mindz Bainplay bringing neuroscience to a pub or venue near you.

mindz-brainplayEach session, according to the advertising, involves these three components…

1. Mind control
Ever wanted to control objects with your thoughts? By using our special 16 receptor EEG headset, we teach you to control virtual objects using only your thoughts.

2. See inside your mind
View the incredible electrical network that makes up your mind. We provide you with an analysis of your brainwaves … Then, get this full colour image sent to your email/mobile phone to show friends.

3. Challenge your friends!
Play games with your friends or our system using ONLY your mind control to score points. Your thoughts dictate the action.

Basically, MINDZ BRAINPLAY is the newest entertainment concept in Australia since the arrival of Karaoke in 1998. It’s smart, sophisticated, fun and all about YOU.

You can sign the team up to do all this at a school, at a dinner-party or a corporate event. Or you can go to one of their scheduled sessions such Neuroscience in the Pub on Mondays from 12th September in Surry Hills.

It sounds like a fun activity – and getting the picture of your brain isn’t something I’ve come across before anywhere. Although, now I think about it, a picture of my brain activity after a few beers might not be a keeper.

For all the fun neuroscience details see:

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