Spring school holiday activities for geeks (2016)

holiday-300x150Here we go again, the usual round-up of all that’s geeky in the school holidays.

=> We’ll start with Thinkspace as always because it has the best range of activities in Sydney. There’s some very cool electronics workshops, a YouTube course, and virtual reality game design – to name just three out of a plethora of choices.

=> AIE has a few coding and game design courses on including some of the few workshops aimed solidly at teens.

=> Codecamp is running its various coding workshops all over the place.

=> GirlCode is simpler stuff but with the advantage, assuming you are a girl, that it is just for girls.

=> TechScience has courses in Manly for 8-12 year-olds.

=> On the more science end of things Centennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park, Mt Anan and a range of vacation care venues are running the always popular Fizzics Education programs.

=>  Sydney Programming School has coding courses from beginners to advanced at the Mosman Art Gallery.

=> Still on the North Shore, Professor Plums is running three science and robotics workshops during the holidays. Engineering Challenge looks interesting.

=> The Australian Museum has some good-looking holiday activities for young kids.

=> Code it Yourself has camps on 3D printing and coding.

=> RoboCamps is out at Macquarie Uni and runs courses on robots as part of the FIRST Robotics group.

=> While not a course or even techy, I can’t help mentioning the St Ives Medieval Faire is on 24-25 September.

As always if I’ve missed something, just let me know.

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