Mars – The Live Experience (that’s live people talking)

mars experienceBuzz Aldrin is coming to Sydney in November to talk about our steps to colonise Mars. I’m a bit torn by this: On the one hand a panel discussion about humankind going to Mars is likely to be really interesting. On the other hand billing this as ‘Mars – the live experience’ just because it’s some people talking live on stage is pushing the boundaries of marketing.

Anyway, here’s the blurb: “National Geographic Live is bringing the world’s leading authorities together for a unique major live event to discuss global space agency plans and the immense challenges awaiting Humankind’s next great space adventure. Join our Host Ray Martin as he presents live on stage, Apollo Legend and Mars advocate Buzz Aldrin, with leading authorities from US and European global space agencies including Prof. Mark McCaughrean Senior Science Advisor European Space Agency, in a world first National Geographic Live event.”

In Sydney they’re going live at 7:30pm on November 6 at the Horden Pavillion. Tickets appear to start at around $89. All the details are here.

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