Help Code Club get World record for most kids coding at once

mookhackMoonhack is a world record attempt to get the most number of children coding at once – and on the night of a full moon!

Code Club think every kid should have the chance to learn to code – as does Geek in Sydney – and on July 20 they want to #getkidscoding together. More than 10,000 children are expected to take part and Code Club are looking for more participants to make this a truly huge event.

It’s all happening on July 20; and regardless of how on earth you’d judge a World record in this context (Hour of Code anyone?) it’s a great idea to highlight coding for kids.

Code Club volunteers, families, teachers, librarians and anyone interested in supporting the attempt can register their details at

On an on-going basis Code Club is doing really good stuff. The number of clubs is increasing quickly and they are always looking for more volunteers and participants. If the thought of getting involved has even flitted across your mind take a look at

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