Ben Goldacre in Sydney for an evening in September

Thinkinc_ben_web_1900x500-400x350Dr Ben Goldacre is famous for uncovering bad science and for writing about it in a clear and engaging way. If you’re not already a fan you should take a look at his TED Talk or, even better, read one of his books like Bad Science.

He’s coming to Sydney in September for a single show prosaically entitled “An evening with  Dr Ben Goldacre”. Here’s how the advertising describes it:

Homeopathic hucksters. Nonsensical naturopaths. Anti-intellectual anti-vaxxers. Slippery statisticians. The ‘journalists’ daring to declare meats as critically carcinogenic. And let’s not forget – let’s not forget – fraudulent pharmaceutical firms. In a Venn diagram, the point of convergence for them and their likes is ‘bad science’: the very bullseye of bullsh*t. So when the public is kept in the dark about the detrimental duplicity of these declarations, how many scientists does it take to screw in the lightbulb that illuminates the facts? Just one: Dr Ben Goldacre, shining a light in Australia and New Zealand in September, 2016.

If his talk lives up to his writing, then the show should be a great evening.

The show is at the Enmore Theatre on Sunday 25 September. Tickets and more information are available here.

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