Registrations open for NCSS Challenge – a short, sharp lesson in coding

grokIf you’re looking for a short, sharp way to encourage kids to code, you can’t go past the NCSS Challenge.

Run by the wonderful Grok Learning, the Challenge is entertaining, interesting, and, well, challenging.

The Challenge is a programming competition for secondary school students. It’s been running in Australia for the last 11 years, and this year it’s open to everyone.

The Challenge is unlike any other programming competition. We’ll teach you how to program as we go along, rather than expecting you to be an expert already. If you’re a seasoned coder, we have something for you too – the problems range from relatively simple to mind-bendingly hard.

The Challenge runs for 5 weeks starting on Monday 1st August, 2016 and ending Sunday 4th September, 2016. Each week the organisers release a new challenge and associated lessons. It really is a fabulously focused way to learn to code. Signing up costs $20 for just doing a stream of the Challenge or for $30 you get annual access to everything Grok does.

There is also support available for teachers wanting to run the Challenge in their class.

All the details can be found on the website here.

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