Sydney group launch online coding tutoring

programming tutorA local group have started offering to teach kids to program online. Programming Tutor is offering one-on-one guidance in coding either in your home or via Skype.

I get asked about where parents can find coding groups all the time. Often there’s simply nowhere convenient, so the remote tutoring might be a great way to get your child coding when you don’t live in central Sydney.

Programming Tutor says that all their tutors are professional programmers, programming graduates, or studying programming at university. They have the usual working with children checks and they charge the usual sort of tutoring fees.

Now while I think this is a great idea, I’m in no position to endorse the company’s tutors. I’ve chatted with one via email and he seems like a great, committed coder, but I haven’t seen the teaching in action.

All the details are on the Programming Tutor website.

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