Giant arcade-themed burger bar for VIVID

burgerAll geeks must love VIVID, apart from the crowds of course. Lights, technology, creativity – it’s all there. And this year there’ll be a giant arcade-themed burger bar.

I’m not sure there’s much more to be said.  8Bits+Bytes will pop-up in Martin Place from May 27th to June 18th. Various people who know are extolling the virtues of the burgers involved, and the place itself sounds cool:

Aesthetics-wise, the pop-up will be styled to look like the inside of an 8bit arcade game with giant pixelated trees, burgers and storm clouds. A huge LED light wall (three metres tall by 30 metres long) will tell the tragic, pixelated tale of a burger’s adventures through life. Be sure to play before you eat though, because the gaming is all interactive (hello motion tracking gaming technology).

There’s more details on the burgers and the experience at Concrete Playground.

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