Hackagong goes bush to Bega

hackagon begaHackagong is heading for Bega: “Hackagon is branching beyond Wollongong and the traditional hackathon model. We’re continuing to experiment with novel approaches to transform the cultures of innovation in regional areas… It’ll be like the regular Hackagong but 10x more insane. Stay tuned for more awe.

What if you mashed the thrill of a hackathon with the adventure of a remote bush doof music festival? Grab your tent, throw your laptop and gadgets in a backpack, jump on the hackabus and join awesome like-minded makers on a 3-day adventure to the beautiful Sapphire Coast! Hackagong Bega is an independently-run satellite event as part of the Bega Valley Regional Innovation Week.”

Hackagong has gone from strength the strength over the last couple of years and the idea of taking it regional is a real boost for the making community and for STEM outside the cities. Although, having said that, there’s nothing like Hackagong in Sydney so maybe the big smoke ought to be their next target.

For all the details and tickets see the eventbrite listing.

And just in case you’re not sure what this is all about: “Hackathons originated in Silicon Valley and are now regularly staged all over the world as a way of rapidly producing ideas and building prototypes. They follow a basic structure – developers, designers and business people form small teams with the goal of designing and implementing a digital product or service prototype to be demonstrated at the end of the event. The lack of time participants have means methods of working can often be chaotic and require “hacking” solutions together, hence the term Hackathon.”

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