Tech classes for kids in Manly

techscienceTechscience Australia is offering an interesting range of classes for kids. Based in Manly, Techscience is  running classes on robotics, 3D-printing, and lectures on science and future technology.

I’ve no idea what the classes are like, but the interesting thing is that the Techscience people have chosen some novel approaches. Their robotics course does not use LEGO – a decision I applaud. Their Makerspace is using LittleBits, and overall they seem to have a refreshing willingness to do things a little differently.

TechScience Australia was founded by Amnon and Gabi Carmel who, according to their website, have “decades of international educational and training experience and are keen advocates of Science and Future Technologies”.

Courses tend to be run in central Manly. For the full futuristic details see the website:

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