Marrickville gets a makerspace

Makerspace&CMarrickville has a shiny, bouncing new makerspace, and it’s a big one.

The makerspace is in a 1200-square-metre warehouse and caters for pretty much any type of skill you can think of from welding, to pottery, to electronics. Access comes after an induction course in using the equipment and upon payment of a membership fee which, while not unreasonable, is also not cheap. Membership for an occasional day is $49, for a month it’s $213 at a basic level. Slightly strangely the space only opens during normal working hours and the weekend, so it’s not an option for late-night making.

The space runs a huge range of classes: “Our classes focus on design, making and business skills. From total first-timers trying to kindle a creative spark to master-classes for pro’s honing their skills, everyone is welcome. We embrace small class sizes, excellent teachers, hands-on exploration and participatory learning. If you want to request a class or teach, get in touch.”

All-in-all it looks like a great addition to the Sydney making scene.

The space is run by Makerspace &company (which styles its name exactly like that) and is at 17 Barclay Street, Marrickville NSW 2204.

For all the details see: – and be patient while the page loads.

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