New tabletop gaming event for Sydney

lfgLFG (Looking for Gamers) is a new two-day event of “open gaming, tournaments, shopping, community building and boardgame development run by gamers, for gamers”. It comes from the team from Toy & Game Expo and is to be held at Bankstown Sports Club on 9-10th July 2016.

In addition to open gaming areas, retail stalls, learn-to-play tables & demonstrations of both local gaming gems and new international releases, LFG will feature:

  • Competitions and tournaments ranging from drop-in comps for first-timers and kids to extended round-robin tournaments for Eurogame experts
  • Late night gaming
  • An open bar (for responsible adults)
  • Protospiel: play-test your game prototype with other game designers

There aren’t many, or any, more details at this stage, although the fact that there’s an established group behind makes it seem likely it’ll really happen. You can sign up for notifications on the website:

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