Code the Future’s New Year’s resolution: 10,000 kids coding

codethefutureCode the Future is aiming to help get 10,000 kids coding by the end of 2016.

Code the Future connects developers with educators to help students in schools learn how to code. It’s a pretty simple process – schools sign up and developers can look at who needs what and stick their hand up to help out. Projects range from one-off to long-term – from an Hour of Code event to regular lunchtime coding clubs.

I think Code the Future is a wonderful initiative although there’s some obvious overlap with Code ClubIn one sense that doesn’t matter, but it does perhaps split the available pool of volunteers. On the other hand Code the Future allows for more flexible approaches than Code Club and covers high school students, so there’s currently a place for both.

Code the Future has just revamped its website to make it easier to use.  That has also made it easier to see how many projects they currently have live and, sadly, the answer is not so many – and there are none in Sydney. Code the Future is a fabulous resource and more schools ought to be making use of it. Hopefully as the school year starts up at the end of January we’ll see more projects listed: 10,000 kids coding would be a great thing.

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