Girl Code and the holiday workshops

girlcodeGirl Code sounds fabulous: STEM workshops in Sydney just for girls. Girl Code is “all about discovering, playing and learning through technology and makerspace challenges for girls 10-14 years of age”. Absolutely no experience is needed.

Girl Code is the brainchild of the very experienced Pip Cleaves, who is clearly a glutton for punishment adding holiday courses to her normal teaching and consulting load.

Workshop days will be split into 3-4 challenges using a variety of technology and makerspace concepts. Girls will collaborate in small groups to solve problems, create products, and learn a little on the side.

Some things participants might work with include:
– eTextiles
– Little Bits
– Sphero
– OzBots
– Coding
– 3D Printing Pens

Girl Code says: ​”More ideas and technologies will be added as they are developed.”

Girl Code days will be held during school holidays. Girl Code Days run from 8.30am – 5.00pm in a variety of venues around Sydney and the Central Coast.

For all the details on when and where the workshops will be held see the Girl Code website.

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