Game changers: Winners of the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

stemvideogamechallengeThe winning games in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge, were announced PAX in Melbourne on the weekend.

Drawn from over 1500 entrants, the six winners were a great example of the sort of creativity, skill and determination that high school programmers are capable of.

The idea behind the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge is to have students create a video game that teaches some aspect of science, technology, engineering or maths.

Chad Habel, Spokesperson for the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge, said the Challenge leverages the massive interest and engagement that many students have in video games to engage them in a more constructive and explicit learning process.

The idea of the Challenge is that students take concept knowledge, something they’ve learnt in science class for example, and then create a game that elaborates on that concept. The Challenge also encourages freedom and creativity, and that can be a liberating experience for many students. It also offers goals and rewards which drive commitment to developing a game.

Winners in the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge 2015:

Years 5 to 8 individual – Daniel Blaker, Parade College, Melbourne, for Phlight – The journey home

Years 5 to 8 group – Periodic Survival, Mosman High School, Sydney, for Periodic Survival

Years 9 to 12 individual – Aidan Court, John Pirie Secondary School, Port Pirie SA, for Rexplorer

Years 9 to 12 group – Anomaly Blue, Callaghan College, Jesmond Senior Campus, Newcastle, for Dolphin Dive

Years 9 to 12 individual advanced – Kwergan Gregory, Bunbury Senior High School, Bunbury WA, for Rewire

Years 9 to 12 group advanced – Invisible Wombats, Trinity Christian School, Canberra, for Malware Meltdown

PwC achievement award – female – Penrhos 1, Penrhos College, Perth, for Destroy the Nurdles, Save the Turtles

PwC achievement award – Indigenous – Couch Gaming, Montrose Bay High School, Hobart, for Times of War

There are further details on all of the winning games and information on how to access them yourself here. Congratulations to an amazing group of young developers.

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