Hints of new shows from the Powerhouse survey

Cracking ideas. Image: http://www.crackingideas.com.As a “valued vistor” to the Powerhouse Museum I just got hit with an online survey about possible upcoming exhibits. So let’s read between the lines…

Have I heard of: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Tin Tin; or Wallace and Gromit? Answers seem to take me to more questions about The Chronicles of Narnia (in spite of my ambivalence in the preliminary questions). Do I want to sit in a “replica of the White Witch’s Throne where visitors can sit on the icy throne and feel the chill”? Not so much, if the truth be told.

Ah, but then there’s hope. Would I be interested in the Wallace and Gromit exhibition? We saw this in London a couple of years ago and it was fabulous. Just the sort of educational and entertaining cross-over the Powerhouse should be offering Sydney.

The questions then seem to resolve down to a choice between Narnia and Wallace and Gromit (alas poor Tin Tin, nothing more is heard of you).

The website for the Narnia exhibition is here; for Wallace and Gromit it’s here. Ultimately in my view the Narnia one looks like predictable stuff hung off the back of a movie – I even have the feeling they’re recycling stuff from the Harry Potter marketing-fest. The Wallace and Gromit show is about ideas and inventions using the show as a means of presenting them. Those are two entirely different concepts: and I so wish I had more faith in the Powerhouse’s capacity to choose wisely between them.

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