Sydney startup reveals world’s first E­ink keyboard.

output_QYDvRx-600x630Sydney tech startup Sonder Design recently revealed a lovely E­ink keyboard.

What makes Sonder Design’s keyboard unique is the ability to adapt the keys to your specific usage, as the E­ink keys empowers users to create an infinite number of key layouts. Users can switch between any language, application-specific shortcuts or create custom icons on their keys.

The goal of the Sonder Design keyboard, is to put the most powerful features of programs like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator at the fingertips of consumers, without the steep learning curve.

The idea was born out of frustration, as designers Sonder’s co­-founders (and twin brothers) found it incredibly frustrating attempting to memorise hundreds of application-specific shortcuts.

Earlier this year Sonder’s co-­founders were awarded a grant by NSW Trade & Investment to develop their keyboard for the creative­ design sector. Since raising $20,000 in a single day of pre-orders, Sonder is currently focused on launching their Kickstarter campaign as soon as possible.

Sonder say it is the first Eink keyboard in the World which is a bit of stretch. They’re certainly not the first with the idea, although they may well be the first to bring it to fruition. It’d be nice to see a Sydney company take that laurel.

At $299 (reduced to $199 on pre-order) you’ll want to have a good reason for using the keyboard, and the design industry is an obvious starting point. Regardless, it must be said it’s a very nice looking bit of technology and I can imagine many people wanting it on their desk.

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