Sydney student has a Perf+ idea

perf+Sydney’s Ben Wang is in Year 10, he’s also just run a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund production of a new electronic prototyping board.

Perf+ is takes the prototyping board and allows you to connect any of the holes to each other with only a bit of solder. “Perf+ is a revolutionary electronic prototyping board designed for electronic hobbyists, engineering students and people getting into electronics, which is easy to use and versatile. It is faster to prototype on and easier to keep track of your connections than any competing product. Perf+ allows any two pads in the grid to be connected together via a two dimensional framework of copper. Allow this board to be a blank canvas of your imagination, there is nothing you cannot build with it!”

It’s a remarkably simple, yet clever idea which does away with a lot of fiddly wiring – although you will need steady hands for more soldering.

It’s lovely to see a local student not only coming up with an idea like this, but pulling it together through to complete fruition via Kickstarter. Ben’s Kickstarter campaign raised $15,461 and the boards are on track to ship near the end of June.

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