Robogals Science Challenge 2015

Robogals_Logo.svgThe Robogals Science Challenge is a nationwide science competition for girls, which enables participants to learn a bit more about science and engineering by conducting science projects or experiments with a friend, parent, or another mentor. Entries to the competition are submitted online in the form of videos, photos and writing in three age categories. The competition spans four months, with the best 12 groups or individuals being awarded for their efforts at the end of the year.

The challenge submission consists of two parts: the Minor Challenges and the Major Challenge. The Minor Challenges are the initial part of the challenge, whereby participants can begin to learn about different science and engineering disciplines and have the option to participate in mini experiments. Participants are encouraged to participate in as many minor challenges as possible to help build up their skills for the final challenge. The Major Challenge is when participants can create their own experiment and produce a video to show their findings.

Girls between ages 5 to 15 can enter the competition, individually or as a team of 2, accompanied by a parent or mentor who is above the age of 18. Only entrants from Australia are be eligible for prizes. Registration opens mid-July and closes 9th October – approximately  two weeks before the competition concludes. To register now click here.

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