Review: Kit: Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

bluetooth keyboardI’m on a quest to find a more portable kit to travel with. Usually, when I travel, I take my Macbook Air and my iPad. I take both solely because I simply cannot write or work on the iPad in any significant way – the soft keyboard leads to too many mistakes and the lack of a mouse makes fixing the mistakes frustrating and long-winded.

So my theory is that I’ll swap my iPad out for an Android tablet and attach a keyboard and mouse. Trying out the Kit: Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is the first step. And that step has proved to be good.

So what’s good? The bottom line is that it’s a keyboard that’s large enough to type on effectively but small and light enough to be easily slipped into a bag. Set up could hardly have been easier. It runs from 2 AAA batteries which is a feature I could go either way on. On the positive side there’s no additional charging cables or the like; on the negative you need to buy batteries.

The only thing I wasn’t completely happy with about the keyboard is that it can be a little rattly when you’re typing on a hard surface. You hit a key and there’s a slight answering sound from elsewhere on the keyboard. It’s not a big deal, but it is there.

So with a keyboard successfully sorted, my next move is to find a mouse.

Our keyboard was supplied by the lovely folks at Mobilezap.

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