Robowars Sydney 2015 is on in May!

RobowarsRobowars are returning to Sydney and this time as part of the VIVID festival.

Robowars is cage-fighting for robots. And these aren’t cute, talking robots – they are over-charged little beasts sporting industrial cutters, hydraulic rams and flamethrowers. The limiting factor in putting on a Robowars event, apart from the skills involved in building the robots, is keeping the audience safe.

If you like seeing robots crush, cut and generally destroy each other, and who wouldn’t, then you shouldn’t miss Robowars.

Robowars 2015 is on the 30th of May from 3-11pm at the Cargo Hall, Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay. And it’s free.

Just by the way VIVID seems to have a great deal of geeky stuff happening this time around – someone must have made a conscious decision to move it that way. Nice to see.

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