Kerpow! Free Comic Day is almost here again

kinokinuya free comic dayFree Comic Book Day is upon us yet again. This Saturday 2 May is when it all happens.

As usual Kinokuniya has a lot of action. There’s free comic books of course, But there’s also 20% off all graphic novels and manga in the store; there’s ‘Artists Alley’ – “featuring some of our very best Australian comic creators, this is your chance to meet the talent behind the comic books! Visit the Alley to purchase comics, prints and other merchandise or get a sketch done by your favourite artist”; and there’s a cosplay competition. Oh, and you can get a selfie in a replica iron throne. All the details are here.

Kings Comics has also got free comics available together with a party atmosphere. There are also Goldren Tickets: “Much like Willy Wonka, we here at KINGS will randomly place super special Golden Tickets inside comics that will be handed out in line. If you are one of the lucky few who find one, inform one of our staff members and you will get a super special prize bag collecting one of each and every FCBD issue we qualified for, as well as a one way ticket to the front of the line, and who knows, if you’re lucky you may even get a tour of the shop while someone sings you a song revealing a severe flaw in your character. No promises on that last part.”

Comic Kingdom is also listed as participating but we can’t see any details on what they are doing.

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