2015 Australian Boardgaming Tournaments



The Australian Boardgaming Tournaments are almost upon us.

There are Tournaments in Canberra and Sydney leading up to the 2015 Australian Championships in Melbourne, with the chance for some lucky winners to represent Australia in their World Championship tournaments.

So sharpen up you skills in Settlers of Catan, DominionCarcassonne, Ticket to Ride, or Rummikub. Canberra is on 30-31 May, Sydney on 13-14 June and the championships in Melbourne are on 27-28 June.

Details can be found at: tournaments.toyandgameexpo.com.au; although the website is a bit broken and incomplete so some patience is needed.

And while we’re on board games, the Australian Toy and Games Expo is on again this year at Olympic Park on 14-15 November.

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