Centennial Parklands app

centennial park appCentennial Park has just announced that it has an app.

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: Call me a cynic, but I struggle with why every institution feels it has to have an app. Surely a responsive webpage will do fine unless you have a depth of functionality or offline information that makes an app make sense. Do people really visit a park so often that they need to have an app installed on their phone? I’m really finding it difficult to think so.

Anyway, the new app contains information on planning your visit and things to do across the Parklands. There’s an events calendar “with search functionality”(!) and an interactive map. See how all that could just be a website? While also website-worthy, the daily updates on turf sports fields could be something you would want to have to-hand if you were a regular user of the fields.

There’s also functionality so that you can: “Stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the Parklands though our in-built social media displays and feeds, and access information quickly with the in-app QR code reader.”

Look it’s a nice app. It’s well-designed and does all the things it says it does. My problem lies with it existing as an app, but feel free to ignore my cynicism and download the free app for your iPhone or Android device:

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