Channel your inner super hero at Kinokuniya

marvelTo celebrate the Australian launch of Avengers: Age of Ultron in cinemas April 23, Marvel is getting set to unveil life-size, iconic props recreated directly from the blockbuster film. Members of the public will be given the chance to ‘Be The Super Hero’, interacting with a range of superhero weapons including Thor’s Hammer, Captain America’s Shield and Harley Davidson, and the Hulk v Hulkbuster fists.

Props will be smashing their way into Sydney’s Kinokuniya bookstore from Friday 10 April – Saturday 11 April. For further information on Avengers: Age of Ultron, visit

While I’m not personally big on pictures with props I know some younger geeks who are; and, anyway, a visit to Kinokuniya is always high on my list of worthwhile activities. While on the subject of Kinokuniya I also just noticed they are also hosting a meet Peter F. Hamilton event on 13 April. I have no idea what he’s like in person but his books are some of the best science fiction around at the moment.

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